Rodeo Stock Contractor

Rodeo Stock Contractor

Three.Hills.Rodeo.Stock.ContractorThree Hills Rodeo

The Stock Contractor for the 65th Annual Mid-Western Rodeo is Three Hills Rodeo, Inc of Bernard, Iowa. It’s not your average rodeo when Three Hills Rodeo comes to town! For over 35 years our family has made rodeo not just our business, but a lifelong passion to entertain and keep rodeo, America’s original sport, alive. World-class entertainment, turn-key production, and award winning livestock are all part of why we stand out in a crowd! The Three Hills Ranch, in Bernard, Iowa is where it all begins. Over 500 head of bucking horses, bulls, and cow and calf pairs graze our lush green pastures!

Hard Work and Dedication

We pride ourselves in our “Born to Buck” program, where we have dedicated years of hard work refining bloodlines making them one of the very best in the business. It’s proven year after year, that Three Hills animal athletes are at the top of their game, winning awards and traveling the country showcasing their natural abilities and talents! Our “Born to Buck” program will without a doubt provide your event with the “thrills and spills” that Three Hills is known for!

Expect the best in live entertainment

In fact, it’s a combination of strong animal athletes, dedicated contestants, amazing production, and most importantly, our FANS that really makes a Three Hills Rodeo the world-class event to attend. Aside from the best, edge of your seat action, Three Hills Rodeo knows how to entertain any crowd! Fans know they can expect the best in live entertainment. Stunning production, spectacular specialty acts, show stopping stunts, and great music are only the beginning of what Three Hills has to offer. We’ll light you up and leave you smokin!

Three Hills Rodeo is family

Three Hills Rodeo is a family owned and operated business. With two generations working together, our family is committed to exceeding the highest standards for rodeo production, animal care and most of all, a dedication of excellence to our fans. The proof is in our product, a nationally recognized breeding program and unbeatable rodeo entertainment.