Specialty Acts

roger-mooney-rodeo-announcerPro Rodeo Announcer


Pro Rodeo Announcer Roger Mooney returns for his 25th year at the 63rd annual Mid-Western Rodeo

Known for announcing rodeo from the back of his horse “Flash” and calling the Manawa Rodeo the”Rose Garden of Wisconsin,” Roger is a household name among rodeo fans.  Born and raised in Ellijay, Georgia, Mooney’s career began by accident in 1984 when in college, he stepped in for the scheduled rodeo announcer who had a heart attack. In short time, Mooney went from being a contestant to one of the best announcers on the circuit with announcing accolades that include 2-time NFR, 5-time Calgary Stampede, 5-time Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo, 10-time High School Rodeo Finals and the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association Announcer of the Year.

Roger’s wife, Ashley, joins in the production side of the rodeo performance providing the music and setting the atmosphere for “the greatest show on dirt”. When not rodeoing, Mooney can be found in the recording studio making radio and TV commercials, raising registered Angus cattle or playing with his two kids, Cash and Morgan. You can also catch him on occasion on the Outdoor Channel and ESPN.


Professional Rodeo Clown

Dusty Myers

Dusty Myers, from Jumpertown, Mississippi, has traveled the world entertaining crowds for several years now. he started at the age of thirteen fighting bulls and accomplished several awards in that sport.

Fast forward a few years, he changed hats in the world of rodeo. he found entertainment was a far better future than being run down by a two thousand pound bull. He likes to mix old school slapstick comedy with a bit of male cheerleader to entertain audiences throughout the country.

In just a couple of years he has earned many awards in the “clowning” business, He has worked the IFR (international finals rodeo) on 10 different occasions, SFR twice, NFPB Finals 3 times, CRRA finals, and Every region finals the IPRA has to offer. His biggest achievement was being selected “clown of the year” 9 consecutive years.


Specialty Act 


Hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of horses will be featured at the Mid-Western Rodeo, but the star of the show is a horse that costs just $60. Mr. Bojangles is a trick horse and one of the entertainment acts at the rodeo. The horse is also a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. He was found stranded in floodwater, balancing on a tree stump. “There was no hair on his back, the chickens had just worn it off,” said his owner, Jerry Thornton. “That’s because they were living on his back along with the rats. Mr. Bojangles’ back leg was tangled in sharp wire, making it impossible to move. It took over a year to heal from the injury. Thornton trains horses at his Tennessee ranch and allowed rescuers to stash Mr. Bojangles with him. The horse was only supposed to stay temporarily, but he and Thornton bonded quickly so he bought the horse. The partners have gone all over the nation with their act. It was the best $60 Thornton ever spent.                                                                     There is a second and third chance out there for people, whether it’s people, animals or whatever,” Thornton said.


Rodeo City Riders Drill Team


They’re Loud – They’re Proud – They’re Genuine American Cowgirls!

In 1999, eight friends performed a short flag presentation routine at the Manawa Mid-Western Rodeo to the strains of The Stars and Stripes Forever and so the Rodeo City Riders Drill Team was born! Over the years, the group has brought improvements to all aspects of the drill team: length and complexity of the routine, more elaborate outfits for both horses and riders, and more performances and competitions every year. The team soon became well known for representing the Stars and Stripes.

The Rodeo City Riders Drill Team is honored to have a chance to give back to the American people, especially the ones who fight to keep our freedom, by giving spectators a show that won’t leave a dry eye in the stands! Designed to show off the power and speed of the horse, the talent of the cowgirl and give inspiration to all, the Rodeo City Riders leave you feeling as they do: Proud to be an American!


Pre-Rodeo Entertainment


The Pink Ribbon Rebels youth drill team will perform before each rodeo on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. For more information about the Pink Ribbon Rebels, please click here.